Synthesis Healthcare’s goal is to transition work process from client location to its delivery center, risk free, rapidly and seamlessly. With a carefully designed process life cycle frame work, Synthesis Healthcare has formulated a knowledge transfer mechanism “STEP” which brings in the best practices for mapping the processes, identifying the key players, risks involved in every step of the transition cycle.

Starting with a Strategic Assessment, our transition team develops a deep understanding of the processes across people, workflows, and technology. We identify key interdependencies, constraints, enablers, and goals, while constantly looking for opportunities to consolidate and streamline the processes. We then deliver clear visual, easy-to-understand process maps that provide summary and highly detailed views.

Based on our domain knowledge and analysis of the environment, we created the newly adapted process for onsite/offshore deployment and use proven tools and practices for ensuring rapid, seamless offshore transition. We provide training immediately after the adapted design stage to create the Knowledge base, while the Operations Group creates the delivery team.